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Become a cook in 30 days

Do you know why you can’t cook?

“I was never taught how to cook.”

“I’m too tired when I get home after work.”

“I don’t have time to go to the grocery store.”

“It takes forever to chop everything.”

We’ve all seen these excuses for not cooking.

So we eat out. We order in. We count on others to feed us.

We KNOW that cooking is important and good for us, but we just “can’t” do it.

At the same time, you probably have that friend who CAN cook. Not only do they cook all the time, but they’re damn good at it! They step into the kitchen and transform into a culinary Bruce Lee before your eyes.

Why can they cook, but you can’t?

What are you missing?

What makes someone a good cook?

That question has become our obsession.

Back in 2012, we made it our personal mission to figure it out and for the next 18 months, we spent thousands of hours studying cooking and the psychology of building new habits, conducted dozens of experiments online and offline, and interviewed hundreds of people including professional chefs and amazing home cooks.

What we learned will surprise you. Keep reading and we’ll explain.

Turns out all of the things we THINK are stopping us from cooking have very little to do with the real problem.

Our Story

Hey there, we’re David Spinks and Nadia Eghbal.

We’re two roommates who started building Feast when we tried to teach ourselves how to cook and realized how difficult it was using the options that are available today.

We became obsessed with figuring out what it takes to turn someone from an "I can struggle my way through a recipe" cook into someone who adopts the habit of cooking and enjoys it for the rest of their life.

So we started Feast and spent the next 18 months in search of the solution.

First, we solved for the excuse that we heard most often: “I don’t have time to go to the grocery store”.

We heard from many people that they weren’t cooking because they were just too lazy to get to the grocery store. So we boxed up ingredients and delivered them in pre-portioned amounts to our customers, along with instructions on how to cook an amazing meal.

But we noticed that while the ingredient delivery was something people liked, when the boxes stopped coming, the cooking stopped too.

Next, we decided to address the second most common excuse: “I was never taught how to cook.”

Makes sense. If mommy, daddy or grandma didn’t teach you, how can you be expected to cook?! WTF grandma...

In order to solve for this problem, we focused on breaking down the “secrets” of professional culinary schools to the average Jane or Joe.

We researched fancy culinary techniques like braising and chiffonading and taught them to our students in a simple, online format.

We even consulted professional chefs to build our first classes.

But while our students loved what they learned, we noticed they were still putting off the act of hauling their asses into the kitchen and cooking a damn meal.

They had a hard time "getting around to doing them". They still felt dependent on our classes to get them through a meal.

So we started to hone in on this question: what actually gets people up and cooking of their own accord? When do people transition from struggling in the kitchen to calling themselves a good cook?

After months of tireless research, what we finally learned was eye-opening.

It’s not about teaching you *how* to cook. It’s about getting you cooking.

There is no such thing as a “good cook” or a “bad cook”. Good cooks are simply people who cook.

As a result, they can open the fridge and MacGyver up a meal faster than you can place an order to Domino's.

They can call their friends up and whip up a dinner for six that'll have everyone talking for weeks.

They aren’t different.

They aren’t superhuman (we checked).

They aren’t sneaking private culinary school lessons on the side.

In order to become a good cook, they simply needed two things:

  1. A forcing function to spark the change
  2. A system of experimentation and repetition

But getting to that point on your own can take years.

You keep saying, “I’m going to cook!” Maybe you whipped out that cookbook your mom gave you and tried a recipe. The dish tasted pretty good, but then you looked at the dishes piled up in the sink and thought, "Never again."

We get it. We’ve been there.

All the information is already out there. Cooking classes, culinary schools, cookbooks, online videos, recipe sites… plenty of resources exist for people to learn how to cook. The hardest part of cooking is bringing yourself to pick up the knife instead of the phone when dinnertime rolls around.

If you’re ready to stop putting it off, we'll take you from sneaking guilty bites of leftover burrito at work to making cooking an effortless part of your life in just one month.


Just wanted to say, wow! I figured I was one of the hopeless who could never learn to cook, but thanks to Feast I can actually make something edible (actually, quite better than edible).

Mia E

The Feast Bootcamp isn’t like any other cooking class you’ve seen.

It isn’t about recipes and it definitely isn’t a cooking show.

You don’t need fancy tools or a big kitchen.

It’s a new way of thinking about what it means to learn how to cook. A time-proven system based on decades of psychology research, applied to the kitchen, that inspires you to continue learning.

Feast’s approach is different: It’s more about building motivation and confidence than learning to cook super fancy, complex dishes.


We're going to fast-forward you through years of practice to put you into the mindset of an experienced home cook.

Whether your dream is to be in control of what you’re eating, to be be healthy, to lose weight, gain muscle, to save money, feed yourself or feed someone else, this bootcamp will help you get there.

After this class, you’ll be able to…

...And many more goodies that we couldn’t fit here.


I was blown away!!!! My girlfriend asked if we could quit our jobs and open a food truck. I figure we'll have to pay you guys royalties or something out of our fortune.

Rory C


Love Feast for learning how to cook. I can't do it from books/articles, but can from that site.

Maxwell F

Ok, sounds cool, but how does it actually work?

The system we’ve developed is based on hundreds of studies conducted by psychologists and researchers exploring the human brain and how it develops new habits.

They're the same kinds of concepts that make habit-changing programs like CrossFit and Alcoholics Anonymous work so well.

The system is conveniently called FEAST:

Over 30 days we'll take you through each of these phases with fun lessons (don't worry, they'll be hilarious) and interactive activities that require you to use both your mind and your kitchen.

We'll start you off with small, habit-building activities that will eventually build up into you cooking on a regular basis by the end of the program.

The format looks something like this:

  1. Each day we send you an email with a link to your lesson
  2. Lessons teach you about a specific aspect of cooking, then put it into practice with an activity
  3. Activities take place every couple of days. They can range from a writing exercise (10 min) to cooking a meal (30 min)

After purchasing the bootcamp, you can choose to start it whenever you want.

If you have to miss a lesson, it's okay. The lessons will always be there for you and you can go back to them or catch up.

This program is built for busy people who want to make an improvement in their life so you shouldn't have a problem working it into your existing schedule.

Feast helps the average bloke learn how to cook like a an easy, fun, and sometimes very funny way.

Men's Fitness

After the bootcamp, you’ll know your way around your grocery store, around your kitchen and around your own brain.

You’ll be a healthier, better you.

You’ll feel accomplished and alive, like when Tom Hanks made fire for the first time in Castaway.


Or maybe just this guy:


That's the first time I've cooked anything besides frozen pizza or macaroni in years.

David R

Need more proof? Just look at the testimonials throughout this page.


Cooking used to stress me out, but now I do it to relax and clear my mind. Feast changed my life. I’m not even kidding...thank you.

Grace W

The coolest part? You can apply the same habit building techniques to any other change you want to make in your life.

Want to get into a fitness routine?

Want to stop snoozing so much in the morning?

Want to drink less?

Want to read more?

After taking this class, you'll know how to turn those aspirations into a reality.

Who should join the Bootcamp?

Anyone who’s ready to make a real, tangible improvement in their life through cooking.

Want to eat better? Lose weight? Gain muscle?

Have more energy throughout the day?

Want to explore your creativity?

Help sustain planet Earth?

Feed yourself, your friends or your family?

Want to feel independent and capable?

You can try going to local cooking classes that are more about making friends and drinking wine than learning.

You can spend $50,000-$100,000 on culinary school, if that’s what you’re into.

But learning the difference between sautéing and flambéing isn’t going to help you when it’s 9 pm, you just got home from work, and all you’ve got in your fridge is a bottle of ketchup and a half-eaten package of string cheese.


I don't have time to drive to a place and take the classes. Doing it at my own pace in my own kitchen with my own stuff is perfect. Kind of like hiring someone to come tutor you.

Lindsey L


Feast was a great a way for me to improve my cooking skills. I run a company and have three small children so attending a physical class is not an alternative.

Hampus J

We could charge thousands of dollars for this program, but our mission is to make sure everyone on this planet can cook. That’s why we’re making it available for just $49.

We've designed this class so that anyone can take it, regardless of location, dietary preference or experience level. Keep doing your Paleo thing or your Gordon Ramsay thing. Get your groceries delivered, if that's what you need. We're just here to make sure we get you cooking.

We’re so confident in the program we’ve built that if it doesn’t work for you, we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

From the moment you sign up for the Bootcamp, your success becomes our responsibility and we’ll personally have your back every step of the way.


Nothing but incredible things to say about Feast!! The curriculum, the team, the community are all amazing :)

Danny B

Seriously, email us and we’ll respond every time. Try it now:

Are you ready?

Let’s Feast.

Do you want to go your entire life without learning how to cook?

How many times have you said, "I should learn how to cook" or "I should really start eating better", but never taken the necessary steps towards making it happen?

You think about eating at least three times a day.

That means every single day, several opportunities present themselves for you to do the right thing...and yet, you still haven't made the right choice.

Don’t spend another day stressed out at mealtime because you don’t want to deal with having to make something.

Stop ordering takeout food that you know will make you feel like shit.

No more putting off learning a skill that will bring you joy for the rest of your life.

This is your chance to take one simple step that could change the way you think about your diet and your health forever.

What do you have to lose?

No seriously, think about it. Picture yourself in one month, in one year, in 10 years... what are you sacrificing by not making the decision to learn how to cook today?

Money? Health? A hot date?

And imagine if you start today, how amazing you’ll be at this time next month.

Make today the day that sets you on a path for a longer, healthier, happier life.

If it doesn’t work, we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

The FEAST System

Feast is the solution we wish we had when we started learning how to cook.

The bootcamp is structured around a system we call FEAST which is based on hundreds of studies conducted by psychologists and researchers exploring the human brain and how you develop new habits as well as countless hours of research and experimentation that we’ve conducted with our own students.

FEAST stands for:

Forget what you know

The first step in developing a new habit is to realign your thinking. We'll start by addressing your biases and mental roadblocks that have prevented you from cooking in the past.

Embrace new routines

The second step is to develop new routines that will replace your old routines. You’ll develop a deep understanding of your current bad habits and create your own personal roadmap for converting them into good ones.

Always be prepared

In order to actually keep up with your transformation, you’ll need to be prepared for challenges and create an environment for success. You’re becoming Batman and you’ll need a Batcave. I guess you can call us Alfred.

Start cooking

Where the magic really happens. You’ll be able to practice regularly as we provide you with an arsenal of techniques, tricks and concepts that will change the way you look at cooking.

Take it to the next level

Exploration is what will keep this habit train moving for the rest of your life. You’re not there yet, but by the time you reach this phase, you’ll be ready to take your game to the next level. The culinary world will be your grilled oyster.