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7 Steps for the Perfect Fried Egg

Fried eggs are a staple in every badass Feaster’s repertoire. But we’ve all had that heartbreaking moment where you crack an egg into the pan and the yolk gets all over errbody’s business. Here are 7 tips to make it through the process safely.


With or without bread, this is an egg-cellent idea. (Photo via Tasty Kitchen)

1. Don’t go for the old eggs.

Don’t even think about it. Older eggs have yolks with weaker membranes aka will break more easily (click here for the full nerd explanation). And if it floats in water, throw it out (cause that shit ain’t even safe). 

imageSee what happens when you try and use an old egg? You get yolk on your face. Trust us. It will happen.

2. Single file please.

One egg at a time will reduce the chances of casualties due to in-pan flipping collisions.

imageHum de dum just frying alo…what?! How did you get…ahh *eggs collide, morphing together as one, rendering them nearly un-flippable*

3. Turn down the damn heat.

I know, I know you want that egg as fast as possible. But a crazy hot pan means a burnt, rubbery mess that tastes more like nonstick surface than buttery egg. Shoot for medium heat.


Low and slow guys, low and slow.

4. Fat is friend, not foe.

Maybe not your best friend, but close. Don’t be afraid to give your pan a good ol’ dollop of whatever butter, oil, grease tickles your fancy. Keeps things moving in all the right places.


Mmm buttah. What’s not to love?

5. Bust a shell.

Gently, of course. Best way to do that? On a flat surface, like the table. You’ll get an even crack and no shells in your egg. Boom.


Yes, good job! Gold star! A+!


Mmm not quite.

6. Let it be, let it be.

Once it’s in the pan, step away from the spatula. Let it cook until the whites are opaque and the edges are just beginning to brown. Don’t try and move it before it has cooked otherwise you’ll be scrambling (har har) to fix it.

imageEgg-ceptional job!

7. To flip or not to flip, that is the question.

Give it the heave-ho for an over easy and less runny yummy. No go for a sunnyside and maximum liquid. Alternatively, cover the pan with a lid and put the steam to good use to finish off the top risk-free.


8. Share your egg wins, losses, tips, and tricks for how to nom so hard here with the rest of the Feasters community. We’re crazy egg-cited.

7 Meals You Should Never Cook for a Date

Date night at your place is some serious shit. You’ve invited them over for a night of smooth jazz, red wine, and of course a delicious meal you whipped up like it ain’t no thang. It’s go time. Here’s a list of dishes that should be avoided at all costs.


1. Spicy food.

Chances are if this is the first time you’re having them over for dinner, there’s already a lot of adrenaline coursing through your veins. They say something cute, you’re not really paying attention, and you pop a couple chilies in your mouth without thinking. Suddenly you’re coughing and gasping for air, meanwhile your date is slowly gathering their stuff and slinking to the door. Do yourself a favor and steer clear of any food that induces a violent bodily reaction.

image"No, *COUGH* no it’s fine *HELP I’M ACTUALLY DYING* it just *COUGH* went down the *COUGH* wrong tube *OHMYGOD THIS IS SO SPICY CALL 911*"

2. Messy food.

Ribs, sloppy joe’s, burritos you get the picture. Unless you’re at a rodeo or the likes, reserve the finger food for another time when wearing barbeque sauce is endearing, not disgusting.

imageCan we hold hands yet?

3. Noodle soup or anything that requires excessive slurping.

It doesn’t matter how cute they look in that blue button down- nobody can gracefully eat noodle soup without spraying broth everywhere. Everywhere. Plus it’s so hot, just so damn hot, you can’t help but get a little flustered and sweaty (or fall victim to the spice dilemma as noted above).


Sorry, *SLURP* what was that *SLURP* about your cat’s appendix *SLURP*?

4. Leafy salads.

Leafy greens are awesome because they’re delicious and healthy and make it look like you know what you’re doing. But on the second, third, maybe fourth date they can spell disaster: an ambitious forkful of salad that is too wide for your mouth, leafs errywhere, chasing tomatoes around your plate and onto the floor. And last but not least, this.


Who wants to get busy with that? NOBODY, that’s who.

5. Sushi.

Sure, it sounds real chic and hip and makes you look cool or whatever. But there’s the issue of chopsticks. And wasabi. And the ever perplexing question of how to eat it without looking like a slob: bite-dribble as rice and seaweed hang from your lip or shove it all in your mouth at once? Until we can get this shit figured out, we suggest you avoid it altogether.

image"So, what’s your biggest fear in life?" (stuffs roll in mouth and begins chewing ravenously hoping this thought provoking question will give enough time to swallow and not look like a chipmunk)

6. Too much alcohol and not enough food.

A drink or two could be good to settle the nerves and set the mood. A bottle or two and we might have a seriously sloppy situation on our hands. Drink with caution here, Feasters.


I was anticipating a dinner date, not a drunk date.

7. TV dinners.

Come on guys. Not okay.


Really? I spent an hour on my hair for this shit?

So remember, your Feaster skills are here to help, not to hurt in the love department. You’ve got this. Lace up your frilly apron, get in your cooking groove and who knows, maybe you’ll be back for some tips on how to make breakfast in bed.

Thought of cooking for your significant other giving you a panic attack? Sign up for our 7-day crash course here on how to cook to get more confident in the kitchen- and in life.

How to Stock Your Entire Kitchen for Less Than $150

So you want to learn how to cook. You’ve got the ingredients, you’ve got the sweet moves (thanks to the crash course- click here to sign up), and now you need the tools. Here’s our list of the best kitchen utensils everyone needs to start cooking like a champion for under $150.

1. A good, sharp chef’s knife that doesn’t cost more than your monthly rent: $20

OXO Good Grips Professional 8-Inch Chef Knife


2. A sweet paring knife that comes in awesome colors: $10

Kuhn Rikon 4-Inch Nonstick Colori Paring Knife, Purple


3. A medium cast aluminum pot that will distribute heat evenly but won’t kill you with toxic fumes (looking at you Teflon): $20

Cuisinart 619-16 Chef’s Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized 1-1/2-Quart Saucepan with Lid


4. Same goes for a nonstick cast aluminum frying pan (or a set of 3): $30

T-fal A857S394 Specialty Nonstick 3-Piece 8-Inch, 9.5-Inch, and 11-Inch Fry Pan /Saute Pan Dishwasher Safe Cookware Set, Black


5. Some wooden spoons to literally stir shit up (set of 3): $7

Classic Wooden 12-inch Kitchen Spoon - Set of 3


6. Some rubber spatulas to get that last bit of brownie mix out of the bowl (and into your mouth) (set of 3): $9

Wilton 570-1121 Easy Flex 3-Piece Silicone Spatula Set, Blue


7. A pair of tongs for badass flipping and serving: $10

Progressive International 9 Inch Stainless Steel Locking Tongs


8. A half size baking pan for anything from roasts to cookies: $13

18 X 13 Inch Half Size Jelly Roll Cookie Sheet Pan


9. A basic cutting board (the less gadgets, the better) that offers a sturdy surface and protects your counter: $13

Progressive International PCB-1812 17.5” X 11.25” Cutting Board


GRAND TOTAL: $132 (10 items)

As time goes on, you’ll figure out your rhythm in the kitchen- maybe you prefer spatulas over tongs for flipping. Whatever floats your boat. As long as you’re in the kitchen it’s all good. 

What is your top 10 list? What are the kitchen tools you can’t live without? What is the dumbest kitchen gadget you’ve ever bought? Let us know- we could use a good laugh.

11 Cooking Secrets from the Internet’s Top Food Bloggers

Food bloggers all have their little tricks and secrets they like to share in their posts.

But we don’t want those gems to get lost amidst the beautiful food porn and witty banter.

So after scouring the food blogosphere and much deliberation amongst the Feast team, we’ve found 11 of the best food blog cooking tricks that will win you some serious kitchen cred.

Let’s do this…

1. Hang onto the vegetable scraps you usually toss, add some flavor boosters, and you’ve got yourself a meal (like this citrus sautéed beet chard from Spoon Fork Bacon)


2. Ditch the knife and cutting board and repurpose your food processor into a grater (there’s even a how-to video over at Cook Smarts)


3. Can’t decide between Mexican or Italian for dinner? Problem solved with this 2-for-1 taco pizza over at Mrs. Schwartz’s Kitchen


4. Add some texture to your sandwiches and mix up the pickling routine with Smitten Kitchen's “gateway pickle” (Thoughts of doing anything with vinegar got you shaking in your boots? Click here to take our class on fermentation)


5. Invest in some cedar planks for the most flavorful fish you’ve ever had (Read how to keep them from turing to ash over at Foodness Goodness)


6. The quick and dirty on guacamole. Fifteen Spatulas. Wins every time.


7. Get crazy with your PB&Js. Add in bananas, chocolate chips, even use a waffle make for Pete’s sake. Don’t worry, we won’t tell Mom. (get more inspiration over at Edible Perspectives)


8. Drop the KFC bucket and fry your own (healthier) chicken in the oven. Get the recipe (and tips on the perfect slaw) at Damn Delicious


9. Grill the best vegetables thanks to The Kitchn: Slice it just right (maximize surface area). Precook firm veggies in some simmering water for a hot second then throw ‘em on the grill for the char. Use oil. And other very important information.


10. Line a tupperware container with plastic wrap and press ground meat into the mold for same size burgers every time. Burger equality. It’s a thing. (Tips via Food Republic)


11. Soak potatoes in hot water for 10 minutes prior to roasting. The potatoes will release some starch and soak up some moisture for perfectly crispy edges and fluffy interiors via Cookie and Kate


If that doesn’t get you some kitchen cred, I don’t know what will. Keep calm and Feast on. 

Who’s your favorite blogger? Whose posts are the most anticipated part of your work week? Respond in the comments or tell us on Facebook because we love that shit. 

3 Badass Dinners You Can Make Faster Than Ordering Take Out


Cooking dinner is sometimes the hardest part of the day. You’ve been on that 9 to 5 grind in your cubicle and suddenly you find yourself with a growling stomach and a handful of take out menus. Man I’m hungry. Hey, didn’t a new Chinese place just open up downtown? You can almost hear the crackle of that styrofoam box now…

Hold up! Step away from the phone. Whether your weakness is pizza, sushi, or stir fry, we’ve got some tips on how to beat the evening takeout craving before it hits. Best part about it? You can do whatever you want. No hour long waits, no burning a hole in your wallet. You’re the master chef tonight and you’re calling all the shots.

The Fastest, Cheapest Pizza You’ll Ever Make


Option #1: Add pre-made pizza crust or dough to your grocery list and toss it in the freezer. When the time is right, grab the dough and let it defrost while you prep your ingredients. If you have the cheese and red sauce staples- way to go. You are so pizza ready it’s not even funny. No tomatoes or dairy products in sight? No worries. Try some fruit (check out our class on why fruit is so damn good when oven baked) or cured meats like our friends over at Food52 in this recipe (that’s a hustle if we ever saw one). It’s sure to have everyone thinking you’re a gourmet chef. Estimated time: 25 minutes (10 minutes prep, 15 minutes cook)


PRO TIP: Buy a shit ton of vegetables and cheese all at once, put individual servings into baggies, and throw it all in the freezer. When the craving strikes, grab a couple bags from the freezer and work your magic.

Option #2: Say to hell with it and throw all your toppings in a bowl. Now you have pizza salad. Hello, Pizza Hut? We have a new pizza genius on our hands. And they’re looking to give you a run for your money. Estimated time: 3 minutes

BUY THIS: $12 for 2 pizza dinners

  • Pizza dough ($2 at Trader Joes for a 16-oz bag)

  • Tomato sauce ($3 for a 24-oz jar)

  • Your favorite meats, cheese, and vegetables ($7)

NOT THAT: $20 for two pizza dinners

  • Papa John’s medium veggie pizza ($15.99 + tip and tax)

Sushi Shortcut

Sushi is a major crowd pleaser. And majorly addictive. Before you know it, you’re mumbling, “Must have sushi”, clutching a take out menu, and breathing heavily into a brown paper bag. Hey. Hey. Over here. Repeat after me: Hand. Roll. A hand roll is the ultimate sushi shortcut. All you have to do is add your ingredients on a sheet of seaweed (aka nori) and roll it up into a cone. Your best bet is to buy pre cooked sushi rice (nifty little individual servings that you pop in the microwave are available at plenty of grocery stores).


Much like making pizza, your options are virtually endless. You can go classic with crab, cucumber, carrot and avocado. You can get creative with tofu and egg. Or, in true Feaster fashion, you can simplify the process and use whatever you grab first from the fridge.

You will be sitting down to bad ass homemade sushi with a side of accomplishment faster than you can say more soy sauce, please.

For step-by-step instructions (hand drawn diagram included), check out this hand roll how-to over at The Kitchn. Estimated time: 30 minutes (5 minute prep, 25 minutes cook)

BUY THIS: $12 for 10 sushi dinners

  • Seaweed (about $2 for 30-sheet pack)

  • Short grain white rice (2 lb bag for $3)

  • Vegetables: carrots, cucumbers, avocado (anywhere from $2-10, depending on how much you buy)

NOT THAT: $12 for one sushi dinner

  • 3-roll sushi combo ($10.15 + tax and tip)

10-Minute Stir Fry


We’ll keep this one short and simple for you. Pick a protein (chicken, fish, snails, whatever), chop up some veggies (bell pepper, onion, mushrooms, you get the point), and throw everything in a pan with some sauce (again, whatever: soy, teriyaki, your favorite obscure brand that no one has ever heard of) and cook away over medium heat until it starts to smell damn good (we’re guessing 4-7 minutes). Serve over rice (or quinoa if you are feeling fancy and can pronounce that sucker), and dig in. Estimated time: 10 minutes

BUY THIS: $20 for a week of dinners

  • Chicken breasts ($6) OR tofu ($4)

  • Bell peppers ($3)

  • Onions ($2)

  • Garlic (.80)

  • Carrots ($2)

  • Teriyaki sauce ($3)

  • Rice (leftover from your sushi, of course!) ($3)

NOT THAT: $12 for a night of dinner

  • Chicken stir fry ($9.95 + tip and tax)


However you choose to keep your engines running on those crazy, busy days, you’ll feel like a champion when you feed yourself without phones, delivery guys, or styrofoam containers. And that sounds like a solid night to us.

Stay golden, Feasters.

Cook more awesome.

Feast is a place for easy-to-follow online cooking classes to help you cook, eat and feel like a boss.